A Word Search Game for Android

WordSuper on the HTC One X

WordSuper is a 1-2 player word search game compatible with Android™ 2.1+ devices. Play a classic word search puzzle from one of hundreds of word lists, or challenge someone to a timed multiplayer competition. Build your own puzzles in seconds, then share them with a friend. With power-ups, achievements, in-game chat, and a ton of other features, WordSuper takes word search puzzles to a whole new level.

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System Requirements

WordSuper requires an active Internet connection using an Android™-powered smartphone or tablet device running Android OS 2.1 or later. Your carrier's data service charges may apply.

WordSuper can be downloaded directly from Google Play.

Additional Information

If you're having trouble running WordSuper on your device, please consult the Help section first for general game information and common questions. If your issue remains unresolved, email us at support@gummi-games.com for additional help.

Use of WordSuper and its associated online services is subject to the Gummi Games Terms Of Use.

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