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Welcome to WordSuper! Here you'll find some helpful information on the features and functionality available in the application. You can search through this page for any section that might be of interest to you, or read through the entire thing for a comprehensive look at everything WordSuper has to offer.

Getting Started

When you first install WordSuper, you'll be presented with a registration page. If you're a new user, you'll want to register a new account--pick a desired username (which will be visible to your opponents) and supply a valid email address and password to jump right in. Otherwise, if you're an existing user, you can choose to sign in or reset your password.

Once you've registered, you'll see the primary game screen listing all the games you're currently playing. There are 3 distinct sections: My Turn, Waiting, and Finished. The My Turn section lists all unfinished single player games as well as multiplayer games in which opponents are waiting for you to play your turn. The Waiting section lists multiplayer games in which you are waiting for your opponent to play a turn.

The icons and buttons in the middle of the screen allow you to start a new game, adjust settings, view your achievements, and more. Your current WordSuper coin balance is also displayed in the bottom left corner of the list. See the corresponding sections below for more information on the various sections and settings.


To play the game, search for each of the words listed at the bottom of the screen within the 10 x 12 letter grid above it. Drag your finger from one end of a word to the other, then simply let go! You can scroll horizontally through the words listed at bottom; words that have been found are marked in gray. By default, words that have been found are moved to the end of the row; you can change this behavior and keep them in their original places via the Settings menu. Once you've found all the words (or the timer has run out in multiplayer mode), the game ends.

In a single player game (including custom puzzles), the game timer starts at zero and ticks upward each second. In a multiplayer round, the timer starts at 2 minutes and ticks downward. A multiplayer match consists of 3 separate rounds, each of which is 2 minutes long and played on a turn-by-turn basis.

Your total score for the current game is displayed in the top-right corner of the screen. The point value of each word found is based on the length of the word. In general, the shorter the word, the more points you'll receive. The maximum point score for any given word is 11 points for a word consisting of 3 letters. The minimum point score for a word longer than 3 letters is 5 points; meanwhile, a single letter word is worth 2 points, and a 2-letter word is worth 5 points.

In some instances, a given word may be found in multiple locations within the letter grid. You can highlight any of the locations to attain the points for that word, once for each time it's written in the word list. To avoid confusion with the Hint power-up, single letter words are not highlighted on the grid.

Power Ups

Before you begin a game or round, you have the option of selecting up to 2 power-ups to use. The first power-up is always free, while the second will require one WordSuper coin.

The Extra Time power-up temporarily pauses the timer, giving you an additional 15 seconds to search for words. This power-up can be used at any time during the round but can only be used once. While the timer is paused, you're free to use any other power-up that you've selected for the round.

The Hint power-up marks either the start or end letter of a word with an outlined circle--it's still up to you to find and highlight the right word. The Hint button can be pressed 3 times during a round and will attempt to mark a word you haven't found yet. You can utilize it at a strategic point during the game to help you when you're stuck or to quickly finish clearing a word list.

The Horizontal Flip and Vertical Flip power-ups adjust the orientation of the letter grid to help you discover words you may have overlooked. These power-ups are especially useful for finding words that may be written backwards. You can use these power-ups any number of times during a single round, but you won't be able to highlight any words while the letters are in motion.

Any unused power-ups at the end of a round cannot be used again, so be sure to take advantage of them!

Game Results & Speed Bonuses

Once you've completed a game or round, you'll be presented with a summary that includes your total score and time. You can scroll through the list of words to review each word's location and individual point value. In multiplayer games, you'll see two columns corresponding to whether you and/or your opponent successfully found a specific word.

If you're able to find all the words in a multiplayer round in under 2 minutes, you'll receive an additional speed bonus for each second remaining on the clock. The faster you can complete the round, the greater the speed bonus value.

Inviting Friends

When inviting someone to a new multiplayer match, you can use either his/her email address or WordSuper username. You can utilize the search field to narrow down the results from your list of phone contacts or choose a person directly. Alternatively, you can type the username of any WordSuper user to initiate an invite. In order to safeguard your email address, we recommend letting others know only your WordSuper username; friends that already know your email address will still be able to invite you, and doing so helps prevent strangers from finding out your email address.

Custom Puzzles: Make Your Own!

WordSuper includes a built-in puzzle maker that can generate a word search puzzle for you. Provide an optional name and a list of words that will appear in the puzzle, then click the Preview button to see the result. You can go back repeatedly and press Preview again to modify your words or generate a different puzzle. Note that unrecognized letters or punctuation will be automatically removed; if the puzzle maker cannot place a certain word, that word will also be skipped. For best results, you'll want to put in approximately 15-20 words of varying length.

Once you're satisfied with your word list and the generated result, you can save it to your device using one WordSuper coin. You'll be able to play your own custom puzzle just as you would a regular single player game. A custom puzzle that you create will remain in your game list for a minimum of 7 days, after which it may be removed. You can replay a custom puzzle as many times as you like while it remains available.

You can also share any custom puzzle you've created with up to 10 friends. To do so, click on the puzzle from within your game list and select the Share button. From there, select or search for the person you'd like to share with. If your buddies have registered WordSuper accounts, they'll receive your custom puzzle from within the application. If they don't have an account, you can choose to email the actual puzzle to them instead. Any custom puzzle that you receive from another person will be available to play for approximately 10 days.

Coin Purchases, Achievements, & Daily Bonuses

Your most up-to-date WordSuper coin balance is displayed in the bottom-left corner of your game list. There are a variety of ways to earn coins which you can use towards power-ups and custom puzzles. A daily bonus of 10 coins is awarded 24 hours from your last bonus collection; you're free to spend these however you like, and there is no maximum limit on the number of coins you can hold at any given time. Note that daily bonuses do not accumulate across multiple days.

You can also earn coins by completing various achievements. The Awards section outlines the types of achievements as well as their associated coin bonus values. In order to collect the coins associated with an achievement, you'll need to visit the Awards section to review which achievements were completed. WordSuper features 25 different achievements with a variety of difficulties; the tougher the achievement, the more coins you'll be awarded.

You may additionally purchase coins to increase your coin balance. To do so, tap the coin balance button located at the bottom of your games list. You can select from 5 different coin packages based on your needs. Purchasing coins requires a Google Account as well as installation of the Google Play application; you must also be located in a region where purchases through Google Play are allowed. Once you've confirmed the transaction, you'll be notified from within the application and your coin balance will automatically be updated.

Please note: All coin package purchases are non-refundable. Your latest coin balance is stored on your device, and you should exercise caution before removing the application. If you uninstall or clear the data associated with WordSuper, you may lose your existing coins in the process. Please be careful!

Game Updates

To receive timely game updates, WordSuper runs in the background and regularly checks for new games and turns played. By default, the game looks for updates every 5 minutes. You can adjust this time interval to help manage your monthly data usage if necessary. To do so, tap the Settings button and select an appropriate option. You can also adjust whether game notifications appear in your status bar as well.

If your list of multiplayer games appears stuck or unable to update, you have the option of performing a manual reset on your game list. Select the Reset button from within the Settings menu to perform this operation. Your list of online games will be restored the next time your device checks for updates. Manually resetting your game list is normally not required; you should perform such a reset only if you are experiencing significant technical issues using the application.

Additionally, please note that WordSuper is designed for a single account to be used on one Android™ device. If you install WordSuper and use the same username and password on 2 different devices, you may experience unexpected behavior. If you need assistance migrating your WordSuper account from one device to another, please contact us.

Game List Management, Resignations

If you'd like to end a game to clear up space in your game list, you can tap the trash icon that appears after clicking any puzzle or match. You'll be prompted to confirm your resignation or removal of that game. For multiplayer matches, you may only resign on your turn. If your opponent has not moved in 10 days, however, the online match will automatically be removed.

Whenever you finish a single player game, that puzzle will automatically be moved to the Finished section of your games list. You can tap on a single player puzzle from that list to review or replay that game. Your last 15 single player games or completed multiplayer matches will be listed; games that are any older are permanently removed.

In-Game Chat

WordSuper's chat feature is optional functionality that is not required to play the game. If you discover someone abusing the chat feature, please report the user to us. All players are encouraged to review the Terms Of Use; if you are found to be abusing chat, you may be warned or banned from using WordSuper without additional notice. If you are the recipient of another user's abusive chat behavior, we encourage you to resign from any games involving that user and to avoid using the chat functionality altogether. We encourage all users to show a degree of courtesy and flexibility with respect to playing online in a timely fashion.

Privacy Information

This section describes the types of information collected by WordSuper and how they are used. WordSuper utilizes your email address for managing your account (for example, resetting a password and emailing it to you) and for sending personalized invitations to friends (sent at your discretion). WordSuper does not send unsolicited emails or spam; we respect your right to privacy and ensure that all sharing features within the application are entirely under your control.

WordSuper additionally collects anonymous statistics regarding game usage (for example, the aggregate number and types of games played) to help improve and optimize the game through updates. Multiplayer game data is stored for a period of approximately ten days and is removed when no longer needed. In general, no personally-identifiable information is shared with other parties unless the disclosure of that information is necessary to comply with laws and regulations or to enforce the applicable Terms of Use.

Application Permissions

Your Android™ device requires applications to request certain permissions prior to installation. The following describes how WordSuper utilizes each permission:

WordSuper in Education

Finally, if you're a teacher or involved at an educational institution, let us know! We'd be happy to hear your feedback and offer additional help to make puzzle-building that much easier. If you've found WordSuper useful or entertaining for your students, we'd love to hear your story.

Thanks for downloading WordSuper! Happy searching!

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